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Psoriasis Identification & Reasons of Worst Condition

Psoriasis Identification & Reasons of Worst Condition

Psoriasis is a kind of skin disease which affects on the skin cells and their life cycle. Due to this disease, cells grow rapidly and thick scaales are formed on the skin. These red, dry and itchy patches irritate the infectious person. Usually, Psoriasis attacks on knees, elbows, lower back, palm, foot sole, parts of leg, scalp and toe nails.

Psoriasis is a long term persistent disease. The patient may have periods as soon as Psoriasis symptoms get better. Sometimes this disease is a kind of nuisance. On the other hand, skin infection can disable the people who have arthritis as well. Though there is no proper cure, but the treatment gives relief to the patient. The changes in lifestyle and sunlight exposure are the best remedies to cure the patches.

Who are the Patients of Psoriasis?

It is true that anyone can have this disease, but it occurs in adults commonly. Due to family history or genes variations, men and women can affect by this disease equally.

What are the Reasons?

Psoriasis disturbs the immune system on white blood cells, which are known as T cells. These white cells are helpful to defend the body against different type of diseases and infections. When Psoriasis affects a person, it activates the T cells by mistake. As a result, they produce different immune responses which lead to swelling, generation of new skin cells and scales on the skin. It is casual that the patients of Psoriasis notice that their skin get worse or better off and on. The reasons which make the skin condition adverse are as follows

  • Use of specific medicine
  • Stress
  • Infection
  • Dry skin

How to Identify Psoriasis?

It is difficult to diagnose this disease because it is just like many other skin problems. It is necessary to contact with the skin specialist who will check a patch of your skin under microscope.

Psoriasis can be related to a disorder in the genes or it can be inherited. There are different factors which can prolong the condition and its severity. These factors are HIV, sun burn, Alcoholism and smoke. This infectious skin disease can affect children, women and men equally. It is noticeable that female developed a plaque Psoriasis earlier than male. Usually most of the people get infected by this disease at the age of 16 to 20 years. The second most sensitive age group is 57 to 60 years. Though this disease has same the reaction in all races, but it is studied that people living in Scandinavian countries and Western European population more as compared to other population race groups.

The Areas of Psoriasis Research

New studies and research are taking place to know more about the Psoriasis. There are 3 basic areas which are the center of research. These are as follows.

  • Genes
  • Treatments which can make the skin better without affecting the immune system
  • The association of disease with certain conditions such as blood pressure, diabetics and obesity.


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