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Most Effective Methods to Cure Psoriasis

Most Effective Methods to Cure Psoriasis

Psoriasis known as a common skin ailment. It is alarming that above 125 million people have Psoriasis throughout the world. Usually this disease can hit all age groups but it is inherited in nature. The skin irritates and gets red in severe conditions. People have white patches, flaky skin and scales on the body. Unluckily there is no authentic way to prevent this disease. However there are different ways to Cure psoriasis to make the situation better.

The auto-immune disease is common in western European countries. The researchers believe that this topical disease occurs when immunity system assaults the healthy cells and treats them as dangerous substances. There are many people who have Psoriasis as well as arthritis which affects the joints. Whenever a treatment is applied, the patient is healed but it flares again after a short span of time. The basic factors that stimulate the skin disease are stress, infections, dry air, medicine reaction, injuries, too little sun light, cold weather, excessive use of alcohol, smoking and excessive sun bath. In case, a patient has mild immune system, he experiences severe and painful symptoms concerning the disease. There are 3 effective ways to treat the Psoriasis. These are Phototherapy, Internal medication and Topical medication.

1-Topical Medication:

These treatments are used on a skin and considered the first treatment method as soon as the disease is diagnosed. These medicines can be purchased directly from a medical store or through a prescription

Usually the patients are given treatment which is related to skin contact. The use of dandruff shampoos, ointment, moisturizers, vitamin D creams, vitamin A creams and sprays are best for mild conditions.

2-Internal Medication:

In severe condition, the patients are treated with certain medicines to control the immunity system. The use of Cyclosporine or Methotrexate is included to suppress the immune system. Moreover biologics are also introduced which are targeted to control the responses of T cells. Etanercept, Adalimumab and Remicade or Infliximab are effectual to Cure psoriasis.

  • Biologic

These drugs are used for moderate to severe skin disease where body is not getting improved by any other method. These treatments are usually given by IV infusion or injection.

  • Systematic

his type of medication is used in the form of injection or orally to make the system better. These drugs are used for patients who have moderate to worse Psoriasis.


Photo-therapy is a kind of effective medical treatment in which skin gets exposed to natural or artificial ultraviolet light.

Just like medical procedures, home remedies are also used to Cure psoriasis and to lessen the effect of skin infection. Oatmeal bath are known as the traditional way to relief the skin and loose the scales. Normal sun exposure is another method which is scientifically approved. As stress is the major factor to make the condition more severe, therefore meditation remedies are used to relief the body from excessive stress and strain.


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