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Psoriasis is a Deadly Skin Disease

Psoriasis is a Deadly Skin Disease

Psoriasis is chronic skin disease which is differentiated by scaly patches, plaques and skin rashes. Though the reasons of this skin disease are not completely understood, however it is measured as genetic disorder. Psoriasis grows when the immunity setup takes the normal skin cells as diseased and gives signals for the overproduction of skin cells. Psoriasis is an irritating long term disease and patient has to keep on taking medicine against skin illness.

Plaque, Pustular, Inverse, Erythrodermic and Guttate are five basic kinds of Psoriasis. Plague is the common type and signifies through the scaly white patches on the skin. Skin cells hoard up and make a white appearance on knees, elbows, scalp, feet sole, palms and genitals. The toenails and fingernails are repeatedly affected.

Signs of Psoriasis:

There are clear signs and symptoms of this hereditary disease. It is noticeable that the symptoms appear in different ways in patients. Some may feel pain, stiffness or swelling in joints; others are prone to soreness and itching of skin. Thickened skin patches, ridged nails, dry skin, cracked bleeding skin, scaling marks and silvery scales are some of the most visible signs. Check your skin condition to specialist before taking any treatment as the nature of cure depends on the type of disease.

Sometimes, Psoriasis infects a small skin area but in rare cases whole body gets covered with red patches. In meek condition, patient feels irritation but itching and disfiguring is reported in severe conditions.


Reasons for the Development of Psoriasis:


There are numerous reasons which play their role in the severity and growth of Psoriasis. Genetics is one of the solid motives as one third of patients have family history of such type of skin diseases. Genetic system and genes related to immune system are involved in delivering wrong signals for healthy skin cells.


It is studied that lifestyle is also responsible to worsen the condition of skin. The weather change, stress, chronic infections, and changed climate impact negatively on the skin condition. Use of hot water, alcohol, smoking, obesity and dryness of skin can cause the Psoriasis. The patients get healthy skin through treatment but due to lifestyle changes or body disorder, the disease starts developing again after a short break.


HIV is one of the basic factors which stimulates the bad skin cells and shows sign of Psoriasis. The patients with HIV positive and HIV negative are checked and it is noticed that HIV positive patients have high tendency for Psoriasis arthritis. On the other hand, HIV negative patients have low tendency. HIV/AIDS patients usually have serious Psoriasis, which is mostly untreatable through conventional therapy.


Psoriasis has connection with certain drugs and occurs due to lithium, beta blockers, drugs for non steroidal anti-inflammatory etc.

It is sad that there is no proper cure of Psoriasis. The medical experts have introduced different types of effective treatments to reduce the effects of disease. Topical treatment, light therapy, combination therapy and vitamin D analogues are some of the common therapies for Psoriasis patients.


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