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Psoriasis Cream Can Heal the Skin

Psoriasis Cream Can Heal the Skin

Psoriasis patients, who have mild scales on their body, heal through topical treatment. In this treatment, patient is given Psoriasis cream, spray or gel to apply on the infected area. There are different types of creams which are prescribed according to type of diseased area. Here is an account of some creams:


It is believed the most common type of drug for the treatment of Psoriases. Though steroids are used for the growth of body muscles but these are different. The hydrocortisone has potency and measured as the mildest form of treatment. Sometimes, it becomes intractable to treat the OTC hydrocortisone by itself. There are different ranges of strength available in market for cortisone creams. The mild or higher potency creams require prescription. It is important to note that the highest strength Psoriasis cream is lowest in class. As a result, class one steroids are typically stronger in use than steroids of class 7.

It is true that strong type of steroid creams have some side effects on the body, which cannot be undervalued easily. Due to these creams, stretch marks are developed in areas like groin and armpit. With the passage of time, these creams make the outer layer of skin thinner and more sensitive. On the other hand, if strong steroids are used on a great part of body, it effects on the production of natural cartisol production. Consequently, the patient loses his power to fight against the stresses such as injury, infection and surgery. It is suggested to check your skin to doctor and use only recommended creams.


The drugs which are not included in steroids are known as non-steroids. These are used to reduce the effect of Psoriasis on the body. Here are some non-steroids which are used for the treatment of skin infections:

  • Drugs for immune modulation such as Elidel (pimeecrolimus) and Protopic (tacrolimus). These can lessen the inflammation devoid of any side effects like steroids have on the body
  • Dovonex (calcipotriene) Vitamin D-derived is capable to normalizes the growth of cells
  • Drugs containing retinoid (Vitamin A) Tazorac (tazarotene) has capability to regularize the system of body cells growth. Moreover, it is helpful in normalizing the time period for the maturation of cells.
  • Anthralin is another effective treatment, which is used to slow down the excessive growth of skin cells. It is good that the side effects of non-steroids medicines are less annoying than the powerful steroids. Conversely, non-steroids take more time in treating an infected area. Recently, a Psoriasis cream which has Taclonex (calcipotriene) and steroid to give benefits of two different classes for the recovery of infection.

Greasy Ointments:

There are a lot of drugs available which come under the label of tropical drugs. These drugs have specific ointments to reduce the body dryness. Special psoriasis cream, gel, watery liquid, foam for hair, oil, tapes and sprays are used to treat the disease. Whatever is the infected body area, always use the product which is designed for that particular area.


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