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What are the Ways to Cure Psoriasis?

What are the Ways to Cure Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is skin virus which tends to flash from time to time. Though treatments are used to clear the patches but psoriasis tends to appear and disappear throughout life time. The condition varies in patients, so there are various methods to Cure psoriasis.

There is no single and definite method to cure the skin infection. Numerous treatments are recommended to reduce the effects; however there is no best treatment which can suit to all patients. It is noted that a particular treatment works effectively for a group of patients but cannot show any positive effects to others. Most of the time, ointments and creams are used as first treatment method. It takes months to clear the patches of psoriasis. Unless and until the condition is severe, cure must be started from topical treatment. Topical is related to creams and ointments, which are used directly on the diseased area.

Quitting of smoking and limiting the amount of alcohol can help in giving better results. Psoriasis patients may develop heart diseases, so it is suggested to take exercise on regular basis. Many psoriasis patients have mild psoriasis which is not even noticeable. If the condition does not get worse, no treatment is also an option.

Use of Moisturizers:

Moisturizer is used to Cure psoriasis as it makes the skin soft and reduces pain. In market, there are a variety of ointments and moisturizing creams. A moisturizer gives surety that other treatments will affect on the skin effectively. Use moisturizer on the skin and give it enough time to absorb. After that, apply the recommended treatment on the skin.

Vitamin D-based Treatments:

vitamin based treatments work by slowing the cell division rate. These treatments are available in the form of ointment and lotions. These are better than dithranol cream and coal tar.

Use of Steroids Creams:

Steroids are good to heal the difficult area like scalp and face. Unluckily, the steroids cure work for a limited time and infection appears as soon as treatment is stopped. On the other hand, patient has to suffer due to long term use of steroids. Do not use a steroid cream more than a month.

Coal Tar:

For years, coal tar is used to heal the psoriasis patients. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-scaling qualities. Now, tar is included in lotions, creams, ointments, bath additives, scalp treatment and shampoo.


Dithranol is also used to Cure psoriasis. It is beneficial for infected area but causes irritation on healthy skin; therefore it must be applied on the plaque area carefully. Try to use gloves when applying this cream. Wash the area with cool water. Do not use soap.

Salicylic Acid:

Steroid cream and coal tar are often used with salicylic acid. It has power to reduce the body scales and hoards of skin. The patients, who are aspirin allergic, should not apply this treatment.


Tazarotene is vitamin-A based cream, which is used to Cure psoriasis. Try to avoid its contact with normal skin as it causes irritation. It is harmful for pregnant women.


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