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Living with Psoriasis

Living with Psoriasis

Life with psoriasis is a challenge, not only for the person with the disease but also for his or her family and loved ones. As with any other disease, psoriasis incurs coping with certain emotional states and financial burden.

If you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with psoriasis, you may find the following tips useful for leading a better life:

Disease education

Educate yourself about psoriasis. Learn about the disease from inside out. Learn about psoriasis symptoms [link to blog], learn about the triggers that cause it to flare [link to blog], learn about its related health conditions and about treating psoriasis [link to blog]. Awareness and education may assist you in managing the disease and avoiding harmful complications as a result of related conditions and/or ineffective treatment.

Minimize stress

Stress is a typical trigger for a psoriasis flare. The immune system responds to injury and infection by sending out chemicals that cause inflammation in order to help with the healing process. In people with psoriasis, the immune system sends out too many of those chemicals which causes major inflammation. This makes managing stress particularly important for people with psoriasis and their loved ones. Try reducing stress around the household and at work.

Treat depression signs seriously

Depression is one of the health conditions related to psoriasis. Depression is a serious disease, therefore, its symptoms should not be overlooked. Common signs of depression can be continued sadness (for over two weeks), loss of interest in daily activities, withdrawing from close family and friends and alike. If you sense one or more of these signs, make sure to look for professional help. You can also include exercise in your daily routine. Exercise increases production of endorphins and chemicals that improve mood and energy.

Get Psoriasis Treatment

Although psoriasis is not curable, it can be managed with proper treatments. Sometimes people with psoriasis get frustrated with treatments that have failed and give up treatments completely. There is a wide range of psoriasis treatments; therefore, if a certain treatment hasn't worked you can try a different one. Many people with psoriasis find natural treatments helpful. One example for a natural treatment is cannabis. Cannabis holds good qualities which are important for treating psoriasis symptoms. Some of the qualities are: Decreasing cell growth, treating pain, and reducing severity of inflammation. DermaZor®’s Cannabis-enriched multi-acting formula is designed to provide a huge leap-forward in the treatment of psoriasis. Not only does it harness the healing properties of Cannabis, but it also combines other clinically proven, natural ingredients to provide an outstanding, all-in-one, over-the-counter treatment.

Living with Psoriasis at Work

It's important to educate your supervisor and your work colleagues about how your condition may affect your performance. This may include missing working hours because of doctor appointments and the need for special ergonomic devices. People who are not familiar with psoriasis may underestimate the challenges people with psoriasis have to face on a daily basis. If you are upfront and specific with your colleagues, you may benefit sympathy and understanding which will ease your work day.

Make your work environment ergonomically correct and comfortable.

Organize your medical appointments in a way that will reduce the amount of time you will miss from work.

Understand your disease, your employment rights and your resources in the workplace.

Keep a positive attitude.


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